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2nd of October 2022
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Main characteristics
Height 1180 mm
Length 700 mm
Width 700 mm
Net weight 65 kg
Gross weight 97 kg
Height in packing 1350 mm
Packaged length 750 mm
Packing Width 810 mm
Additional characteristics

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Basic description
APACH 700 SERIES FRYER GAS APFG-77P — a modern deep-frying machine used to cook French fries, chicken wings and other similar dishes in canteens, cafes, restaurants and food courts.
Deep-frying is done through full immersion of a product in hot oil. Modern fryers simplify cooking while maintaining the nutritional value of the product. The fryer consists of a tank with heating elements for oil, a basket for frying, temperature sensors, a thermostat, a timer and a light indicator.
APACH 700 SERIES FRYER GAS APFG-77P — should be positioned on the floor. This model can be either connected to a gas pipeline or reconfigured to a cylinder gas tank. Horizontal cast iron burners provide heating with a piezoelectric ignition system. The model has two stainless steel 14-litre tanks, each designed to fit one basket. The operating temperature ranges from 90 to 190 °C and can be controlled with a convenient electromechanical control panel. The unit includes a retainer to hold the baskets above the sink. The kit includes two steel wired baskets with stainless steel covers.
Gas power: 25 kW. Built on a closed stand with a swing door.
2 stainless steel tanks. Volume: 14+14 l. Temperature range: from 90 to 190 °C. Cast iron burners with a piezoelectric ignition system. Electromechanical control with thermostat, timer, power and set temperature indicators. Includes chrome steel wire baskets and stainless steel covers. Closed cabinet base with adjustable feet. Gas power: 25 kW


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