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Main characteristics
Length 240 mm
Width 170 mm
Height 370 mm
Net weight 3.66 kg
Gross weight 4.18 kg
Packaged length 290 mm
Packing Width 210 mm
Height in packing 420 mm
Voltage 220 V
Power 0.08 kw
Additional characteristics



Basic description
ICE CRUSHER HURAKAN HKN-TRGM is designed to crush ice into ice chips. The processed ice ("snow") is used for making cocktails, frappes coffee, fruit desserts as well as for decorating some dishes or filling a champagne and wine cooler. Ice is poured into a special hole where it is crushed with special knives. Ice crusher HURAKAN HKN-TRGM can be used in bars, restaurants, supermarkets, or outdoor events.
Model features:
- high productivity;
- automatic knives block;
- safe work: the ice crusher starts operating only when the ice container is tightly fixed;
- stylish design.
Ice Crusher HURAKAN HKN-TRGM is capable of producing up to 12 kg of ice per hour. The crusher body is made of corrosion-resistant steel. The ice crusher is equipped with a removable plastic ice container with a volume of 3 liters. The knives rotate at a speed of 1000 rpm.


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