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Main characteristics
Length 130 mm
Width 260 mm
Height 380 mm
Net weight 4.5 kg
Gross weight 5.99 kg
Packaged length 460 mm
Packing Width 340 mm
Height in packing 240 mm
Voltage 220 V
Power 2 kw
Additional characteristics

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Basic description
APACH SOFT COOKER ASV2 — a kind of heating equipment used in professional kitchens of public catering and trade establishments, designed for cooking according to the Sous Vide technology (food is cooked at low temperature in vacuum packaging) and for producing semi-finished products for long-term storage.
Sous Vide is a food cooking technology in which the ingredients are placed in a sealed package and sent to a special cooker with a thermostat where they are cooked for the required amount of time (from 20 minutes to 72 hours) at a constant temperature without water. This method of cooking allows you to keep all the nutrients and taste of the dishes. The product is soft and juicy as the temperature is set depending on its type and the recipe by which it is cooked.
APACH SOFT COOKER ASV2 — a thermostat with a protective grate that maintains and provides accurate water temperature control when using Sous Vide technology. It can be used in cooking tanks up to 50 l. The circulation pump provides a continuous flow of the liquid and uniform temperature distribution. The system has automatic protection against overheating. It is equipped with an electronic control system with a display and microprocessor, with the ability to configure and save up to 5 programs. A clip for fastening it to the vessel is included.
The maximum volume used: 50 l The maximum operating depth: 16.5 cm.
Used with tanks up to 50 l. Maximum operating depth: 16.5 cm. Overheat protection. Electronic control panel. Ability to save up to 5 programs. Equipped with a clip for fastening to a vessel.


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