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Main characteristics
Height 690 mm
Length 365 mm
Width 495 mm
Voltage 220 V
Net weight 34 kg
Gross weight 38 kg
Height in packing 850 mm
Packaged length 400 mm
Packing Width 530 mm
Power 0.45 kw
Additional characteristics

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Basic description
The APACH Ice maker is a kind of professional equipment producing artificial ice. Ice may be produced in various shapes for different purposes of use. Scale and granulated ice are used for displaying and storing meat and fish semi-finished products; cubed ice is used for cooking shakes. There are also other ice shapes: ball, cube, crescent ice. The ice makers use different types of cooling: air and water. Compared to air, water has a better thermal conductivity that increases the cooling rate but requires a constant connection to the water supply. Air-cooled ice requires less water and is easier to maintain. The type of ice maker depends on the type of public catering enterprise and available facilities.
APACH CUBE ICE MAKER ACB3010 A has the following dimensions: height: 690 mm, length: 365 mm, width: 495 mm. Weight: 33.5 kg, voltage: 230 V, power: 0.5 kW. Productivity: up to 30 kg/day. Ice type: cube (weight 18 g), air cooling. The ice maker housing is made of stainless steel AISI 304. Housing colour: grey. The size of the storage container is 10 kg that allows you to stock up ice. Electromechanical control. Refrigerant R452a.
Productivity: up to 30 kg/day. Ice type: cube (1 piece - 18 g), air cooling. AISI 304 stainless steel body. Housing colour: grey. Storage container capacity: 10 kg. Electromechanical control. Refrigerant R452a.


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