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3rd of July 2022
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Main characteristics
Height 940 mm
Length 792 mm
Width 942 mm
Voltage 380 V
Net weight 107 kg
Gross weight 132 kg
Height in packing 1120 mm
Packaged length 860 mm
Packing Width 1060 mm
Power 10.8 kw
Additional characteristics

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Basic description
APACH COMBI STEAM OVEN AP7T is designed for multiple methods of cooking in public catering establishments. With its help, you can bake, steam, roast and blanch.
The combi steam oven is equipped with a Touch Screen control panel based on Android (7" display with a resolution of 800x400). The multilingual interface ensures a simple and coherent operation. The oven has 150 preinstalled recipes and the ability to save up to 250 more.
- manual cooking: convection cooking 30-260 °C, mixed steam and convection cooking 30-230 °C, steaming 35-130 °C;
- 3-phase motors with a reverse (every 80 seconds);
- 10 fan speeds;
- automatic preheating (1 level, half load, full load);
- multi-timer cooking (ability to cook different dishes at the same time);
- 10 cooking cycles for each program;
- delta T cooking;
- holding (keep temperature after cooking at 70 °C);
- regeneration;
- automatic cooling;
- 3-point core probe included;
- digital water injection regulation;
- steam exhaust regulation;
- self clean system;
- rinsing system without detergent;
- lights integrated into the door;
Capacity: 7хGN 1/1 (3 GN 1/1-20 included).
Touch Screen control. 3-phase motors with reverse. 10 fan speeds. Automatic preheating (1 level, half load, full load). Multi-timer cooking. 10 cooking cycles for each program. Delta T cooking. Holding mode. Regeneration. Automatic cooling. 3-point core. Digital water injection regulation. Steam exhaust regulation. Self clean system. Rinsing system without detergent. Lights integrated into the door. HACCP. Capacity: 7хGN 1/1 (3 GN 1/1-20 included).


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