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Main characteristics
Length 370 mm
Width 570 mm
Height 210 mm
Net weight 21.34 kg
Gross weight 25 kg
Packaged length 450 mm
Packing Width 630 mm
Height in packing 280 mm
Voltage 220 V
Power 3.6 kw
Additional characteristics



Basic description
CONTACT GRILL HURAKAN HKN-PE44MT has two cooking surfaces: one of which is fixed, another one can move up and down. Its advantage is to reduce the time required for grilling by the simultaneous impact on the product from above and below. In addition to grilling semi-finished products, steaks and burgers, it can be used as a toaster for warming up sandwiches, shawarma.
This contact grill has the following cooking surfaces: top surface — 1 ribbed, 1 flat, bottom one: a combination of ribbed and flat surfaces.
The model is equipped with a drip tray which greatly simplifies the cleaning of the equipment. The casing material is stainless steel; the material of cooking surfaces is enamelled cast iron. The temperature range is 50-300°C.
cooking surfaces: top surface — 1 ribbed, 1 smooth, bottom one: a combination of ribbed and smooth surfaces. Drip tray. Casing material: stainless steel. Enamelled cast iron cooking surfaces. Temperature range 50-300°C.


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