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Main characteristics
Height 510 mm
Length 330 mm
Width 330 mm
Voltage 220 V
Net weight 4.2 kg
Gross weight 4.73 kg
Height in packing 530 mm
Packaged length 340 mm
Packing Width 330 mm
Power 1.6 kw
Additional characteristics



Basic description
COFFEE PERCOLATOR HURAKAN HKN-PCR16 is used to make and distribute coffee and tea.
This model works on the principle of percolation. Hot water comes up through a tube to the container with coffee or tea and pours into its top part. Then it seeps over ground coffee or tea, and the ready drink flows through the perforation at the bottom in the main tank of the kettle. An additional heating element ensures that the temperature of the drink is maintained at 88°C — the brewing process can last almost indefinitely.
This is why this type of equipment is popular in hotels, public events and catering establishments. The strength and richness of the drink from the percolator is comparable to coffee made in a cezve, and the operation is similar to a filter coffee machine.
The net capacity of the model is 11 liters. Double walls made of stainless steel, to provide better insulation. Built-in thermostat.
The model is equipped with an overheat protection function. The handles are made of a material with low thermal conductivity. The cover is fixed by turning. The body and all internal elements are made of stainless steel.
Capacity 11 liters. Built-in thermostat. Overheat protection function. Cool touch handles. The cover is fixed by turning. Double-walls body and internal elements made of stainless steel. The keep warm function maintains a temperature of 88 °C.


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