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Main characteristics
Length 480 mm
Width 470 mm
Height 850 mm
Net weight 35 kg
Gross weight 46.5 kg
Packaged length 530 mm
Packing Width 530 mm
Height in packing 980 mm
Voltage 220 V
Power 0.75 kw
Additional characteristics



Basic description
BONE SAW HURAKAN HKN-SE1650M is able to cut not only flesh but also the bones and cartilage. This saw helps to cut fresh or frozen beef, pork, poultry or fish into smaller pieces. This type of equipment is popular in catering establishments, shops or small meat processing enterprises.
The saw of this model is made out of anodized aluminium. The maximum possible cutting height is 270 mm. The maximum possible cutting thickness is 200 mm. The speed of the saw blade used for cutting meat: 15 m/s. The saw blade length: 1650 mm. The size of the work table: 445x465 mm.
Anodized aluminium body. Max cutting size: 175x220 mm, saw wheel diameter: 210 mm, saw blade length: 1650 mm, maximum cutting thickness: 200 mm, maximum cutting height: 270 mm, work table size: 445x465 mm. Saw blade speed: 15 m/s


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