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22nd of September 2023
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Main characteristics
Length 410 mm
Width 338 mm
Height 355 mm
Net weight 11 kg
Gross weight 13.3 kg
Packaged length 470 mm
Packing Width 390 mm
Height in packing 480 mm
Voltage 220 V
Power 1.2 kw
Additional characteristics



Basic description
COFFEE MACHINE HURAKAN HKN-ME717 allows you to make a great coffee just by pressing a button. It allows you to make almost all types of drinks that can be made from coffee beans. It is easy to use and maintains. A powerful pump with a pressure of 19 bars provides maximum extraction of flavor and taste as well as a creamy foam which is the key feature of a real espresso. The bold and stylish design perfectly complements the interior of any modern restaurant, bar, and coffee shop.
Now you will enjoy making coffee!
• 5 steps of grinding
• Touch menu
• Built-in cappuccinatore
• Adjustable coffee temperature 60-90°C
• Double coffee mode
• Automatic milk shaking, heating of milk and water
• Serving counter
• Grinding control
• Productivity 60-70 cups/hour
• Water container capacity 2 l
• Coffee beans container capacity 300 g
• Option of hot water supply
• Cup heating
• Automatic descaling
• Waste bin for 15 cups
• Adjustable spout 80-140 mm
• Overheat protection
Powerful pump with a pressure of 19 bars. • 5 steps of grinding. Touch menu. Built-in cappuccinatore. Adjustable coffee temperature 60-90°C. Double coffee mode. Automatic milk shaking, heating of milk and water. Serving counter. Grinding control. Productivity 60-70 cups/hour. Water container capacity 2 l. Coffee beans container capacity 300 g. Option of hot water supply. Cup heating. Automatic descaling. Waste bin for 15 cups. Adjustable spout 80-140 mm. Overheat protection


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