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Main characteristics
Height 1500 mm
Length 724 mm
Width 818 mm
Voltage 380 V
Net weight 90 kg
Gross weight 97 kg
Height in packing 1490 mm
Packaged length 830 mm
Packing Width 730 mm
Power 8.5 kw
Additional characteristics

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Basic description
APACH HOOD TYPE DISHWASHER AC800 (ST3800RU) is used in public catering establishments for washing glasses, cups, plates, flatwares and gastronorms (GN 1/1) and other kitchen utensils. The model is equipped with an electronic control panel and a seamless tank. The body and wash arms are made of stainless steel AISI 304.
- Thermostop function (rinsing at the temperature set by an operator)
- Soft-start system which avoids any dish damage
- Cold and hot water connection
- Two cycles: 60/120 sec
- Productivity, racks per hour: 60/30
- Rack size, mm: 500x500 mm
- Hood opening height, mm: 450
- Max dish height, mm: 440
- Water consumption per one cycle, l: 2.6
- Rinse temperature: 80 °C
- Wash temperature: 60 °C
- Water supply temperature: 15-60 °C
- Tank volume: 15 l
- Boiler volume: 6 l
- Detergent dispenser: option
- Rinse aid dispenser: yes
- Drain pump: option
- Surface filters set: yes
- Includes rack for plates, rack for glasses, cutlery container.
Thermostop function. Soft-start system. Two cycles: 60/120 sec. Productivity: 60/30 racks/hour. Rack size: 500x500 mm. Hood opening height: 450 mm. Max dish height: 440 mm. Water consumption per one cycle: 2.6 l. Rinse temperature: 80 °C. Wash temperature: 60 °C. Water supply temperature: 15-60 °C. Tank volume: 15 l. Boiler volume: 6 l. Rinse aid dispenser. Surface filters set. Cold and hot water connection. Complete with dishe rack, glass rack, cutlery container.


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