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Main characteristics
Height 706 mm
Length 935 mm
Width 893 mm
Voltage 220 V
Net weight 50 kg
Gross weight 71 kg
Height in packing 840 mm
Packaged length 950 mm
Packing Width 960 mm
Power 2.4 kw
Additional characteristics

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Basic description
APACH PROVER APE12ABQ is crucial for any bakery, especially for mass production. It is designed for proofing dough pieces. This step ensures fermentation and allows the dough to rise and get into a final shape. As the dough rises best in warm and humid environments, this prover enables the user to set their desired temperature and humidity levels for consistent results.
The prover body is made of stainless steel, which ensures a long service life. It is equipped with a manual control panel, which is completely separated from the chamber in order to protect electrical components from moisture. The water supply is manual, and the water tank is included. The prover is equipped with 2 heating elements with a power of 1.2 kW each.
Capacity: 12хGN 1/1 or 600х400 mm.
Stainless steel body. Manual control. Manual water filling. Water tank. 2 heating elements with a power of 1.2 kW each. Temperature range: 0-60°C. Distance between guides: 75 mm. Capacity: 12хGN 1/1 or 600х400 mm.


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