DONER MACHINE TATRA TDM E 5B (bottom motor) 213863


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Main characteristics
voltage 380 V
power 8 kw
loading capacity 80
heating type инфракрасный
number of heating zones 5
connection type Electricity
drive type Электрический
drive location Нижний
length 545 mm
width 690 mm
height 1285 mm
net weight 57 kg
gross weight 67 kg
gross length 640 mm
gross width 770 mm
gross height 1500 mm



Basic description
DONER MACHINE TATRA TDM E 5B is used for broiling any type of meat to create delicious shawarmas, gyros, shish kebabs, or doner kebabs.
Design features:
- each heating zone is individually controlled with two power levels (min-max)
- the drive ensures both side rotation of the spit
- heating elements are protected by heat-resistant glass (glass-ceramic), which greatly facilitates cleaning of equipment
- the grill body with heating elements can be moved back and forth, which allows you to adjust the device depending on the amount of meat
- stainless steel body
- grease tray
- capacity 80 kg
Bottom motor with both sides rotation. 5 independently controlled heating zones with two power levels. Adjustable distance between heating element and meat. Glass-ceramic surface. Infrared heating. Stainless steel body. Grease tray. Capacity 80 kg.


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