Now we tell about secrets of success of technology “Cook and Chill”

Now we tell about secrets of success of technology “Cook and Chill”
“Cook and Chill” is a simple technology for controlled cooking which designed for the added convenience of catering workers. It includes complete cooking of food and then its rapid cooling and storage at a controlled temperature (up to 5 days). If necessary, the food must be properly defrosted before serving. The system “Cook and Chill” is easy to handle and absolutely safe for health, provided strict control of temperature and cooking time. Systems “Cook-Chill” have the additional advantage included maintenance the quality of products, their nutritional properties, taste and appearance. The installation of the system “Cook-Chill” also provides flexibility in the handling of food and increases the profitability of the business.

Who you should to use systems “Cook-Chill”?
Thousands of organizations in the field of public catering choose systems “Cook-Chill”. If you have been to a good restaurant or hotel at least once, then most likely you have tried food cooked with help of the technique “Cook-Chill”. Culinary cooling systems are also used in hospitals, universities, supermarkets and catering.

Will the system “Cook-Chill” be profitable for my business?
If the business involves cooking hot dishes (for example, a pub, a hotel or a bakery), then you will only benefit from installing the system. The principles of use and advantages of the system “Cook-Chill” are the same for large and small enterprises. The only difference is that small and medium-sized enterprises shouldn’t invest in equipment designed for a large volume of products. In the case of the simplest system “Cook-Chill”, all you will need in addition to the cooking equipment that you already have is a shock freezing chamber, a freezer, a suitable refrigerator for storing food and an understanding of cooking recommendations.

The principal feature of shock freezing chamber is that they are able to quickly reduce the temperature of hot food (from +90?C) to low safe temperatures (up to +3?C or -18?C). In this way, the freezing chambers simplify compliance with recommendations in the field of food safety and temperature control. In fact, many food producers use shock freezing chambers exclusively for this purpose, at the same time cooking and cooling products for sale.

Equipment for “Cook and Chill”
Combi convectors.

Shock freezing and cooling cabinets.

Vacuum packers for sealing packages.

Gastronomic containers.

Children and the elderly are at the greatest risk of food poisoning. However, this can affect everyone, and the number of court proceedings and lawsuits against catering organizations is growing every year. On average, bacteria divide every 20 minutes, and after 12 hours, one bacterium multiplies into almost 69 billion bacteria. However, the system “Cook-Chill” almost completely stops the growth of bacteria, thereby preventing food poisoning. Thanks to the system “Cook-Chill”, your business will be able to reduce labor costs and losses, as well as maximize work efficiency and increase turnover, so that the invested funds will pay off in the shortest possible time.

This technology is suitable for any organizations from a small cafe to a large-scale food processing plant and provides effective time management and productive distribution of working time. Ingredients are purchased in large quantities, and several dishes for different types of catering can now be cooked in one kitchen.

Uninterrupted internal operation of the kitchen
Due to the fact that many dishes will be cooked in advance, the cook will have more time to solve other important tasks.

Expanding of menu
The flexibility of the system allows you to varify the assortment, providing your clients with a wealth of choice at the same time supporting quality improvements. Also, since the dishes will be cooked in advance, you can afford to find time to make mistakes without damage for the working process.

The quality of service is always on top
Since guests need to be served dishes promptly, the staff can get down the extended serving of dishes and successfully cope with increased traffic throughout the day.

Reduced food waste and improved portion control
Portions are cooked immediately before they are ordered. This implies a thrifty and rational approach with waste reduction.

Increasing the profitability of the organization
“Cook and Chill” increases the efficiency of work inside the catering and offers guests a wide range of treats. You will be able to easily cope with a large number of visitors in a short time. This will increase profitability and increase the influx of guests.