Tatra starts the super competition - Tatra Bingo Boom!

Tatra is reliable equipment with European components and high-quality materials, created to bring profit to your organization. And the participants of competition will be able to get this equipment for free! 11 devices will be raffled off: moreover, not only various appliances of Tatra (among them a combi steamers, a convection oven and a dishwasher), but also equipment of Polair.

You can find out more about the prizes and the simplest conditions of the competition here: https://tatra.center/

Everything is fair! You can touch the prizes at the anniversary V International Forum for chefs "Breakfast of the Chef", which will be held in Moscow from 17 to 19 May and at the educational camp in Sochi - Gastreet (from 1 to 5 June).

The results of the competition will be announced in June! And you can watch the progress of the draw on social networks Apache Lab.

The list of prizes is impressive, that why participate and may luck smile on you!