KAYMAN lamps for ventilation hoods - bright illumination in the chef's working area

KAYMAN lamps for ventilation hoods are on the market now. They are made for
installation in wall and central hoods of the ZVP and ZVTS series. Very often the installation of hoods over heating equipment prevents the full-fledged illumination of the cook's working area. For high-quality and fast food preparation, additional regular lighting is required.
For this purpose the KAYMAN brand offers separate surface-mounted lamps for installation in a hood, depending on the location of the working areas. Compared to manufacturers who install the backlight only combined with ordering a hood, the KAYMAN lamp can be purchased separately and installed at any convenient time. To do this you need to drill the mounting holes in the hood and mount the lamp, remove the wires and connect them to the power supply.
The luminaire can easily cope with any load thanks to the stainless steel body. Tempered glass provides the device with increased heat resistance, durability and safety.
The use of LED spots contributes to a long service life and, if necessary, can be easily replaced with new ones. Surface mounting of the luminaire allows you to easily install it in any ventilation hood. Also, you can connect multiple luminaires in a line.