Evgeny Saprykin about the new model of the blender HBH455-CE TANGO: ideal for organizations with a large number of visitors!

On the eve of the long-awaited summer season, Hamilton Beach has released a new product: the blender HBH455-CE TANGO. While we are dreaming about a summer vacation and a cooling bar cocktail, ambassador of brand Evgeny Saprykin will tell you why this blender must definitely appear in your organization!

Evgeny, for which organizations of catering would you recommend a new BLENDER HAMILTON BEACH HBH 455CE TANGO?

This blender is suitable for most restaurants, cafes and even bars with high traffic. A new powerful engine, metal connection and reinforced knives are capable of whipping up any frozen food, including ice.

This model of blender has a patented system “Wave Action System” from Hamilton Beach. What is its feature?

This system helps to achieve a better consistency and uniformity of the drink.

Is there a programmable functionality in a blender that will make the work of a barman more productive?

Evgeny Saprykin
This blender has an auto-off timer, which helps to do other things while mixing the drink. There are also 2 programs “High” and “Low”, as well as the function “Pulse”.

How much time will it take to prepare a simple cocktail?

This blender is able to prepare a standard drink in 20-25 seconds.

How to take care of the blender so that it works for a long time and properly?

The main point isn’t to remove the blender bowl while the engine is running. Remove only after the engine stops completely and the knives rotate, and then the blender will last a long time. It’s also required to follow the technical characteristics of the blender and use it for its intended purpose.