KAYMAN inventory cabinets - perfect order in your workspace!

Inventory cabinets are categorized as storage equipment. Designed for cleaning service personnel. They are installed in production facilities for the purpose of order and neat placement of cleaning equipment.
Equipment features.
The cabinet is made of high quality stainless alloy steel or powder painted steel. The metal is resistant to rusting and oxidation processes, to aggressive environments and changes in the temperature circuit. Stainless steel lasts for a long time, retaining its properties and characteristics.
The cabinet structure is delivered assembled.
The front of the cabinet (door) is equipped with internal hidden hinges.
Depending on the number of personnel, the cabinet can be designed for one or more users.
For ventilation and removal of foreign odors, the structure is equipped with through holes.
The inner space of the cabinet is equipped with shelves on which napkins, sponges, mop heads, detergents can be placed. The open compartment is designed for installing oversized equipment (buckets, mops, brushes, vacuum cleaners, etc.), as well as placing work clothes. There is a built-in hanger bar.
Inventory cabinet - how to choose?
The dimensions of the structure and the correspondence of the sizes to the assigned tasks - the amount of inventory is taken into account.
Maximum permissible load on the shelves.
Modification of the cabinet and its internal filling.
The need to change the internal zoning - with a change in the staff of the service personnel, the set and number of inventory may increase.
The cleaning cabinet is an important part of the arrangement of industrial premises. Thanks to this equipment the order of the cleaning group is maintained. Also it provides integrity and safety of the group.