Why did you need cooking pot on professional kitchens?

Cooking pots are universal thermal equipment designed for the cooking of first and second dishes, sauces and drinks, any food in large volumes. They are used in professional kitchens, in catering organizations, at large food processing plants. These pots are especially in demand for places with large number of visitors (more than 200 seats). Classification of equipment is carried out according to the following characteristics:

1. Installation method - with a tilting mechanism, non-tilting, with a removable cooking bowl.
2. The type of energy used - electric, solid fuel, gas, steam.
3. The number of cooking sauces is one or several units; their form is square or rectangular; the volume of the container is from 20 liters and above.

Features of design

The main element of the pot is a cooking container placed in the working case. Its walls are equipped with a multilayer insulating material, thereby creating a thermal effect. The cooking process is controlled by the following systems: the thermostat controls the heating mode, the manometer automatically checks the pressure. If the pressure indicator is too high, the safety valve turns off the operating mode of the device.
The cooking pot is connected to a centralized water supply system. Through it, by turning on special valves, the container is filled with water. The water is removed through a drain valve.


There are three modes for cooking: boiling, warming up and heat treatment by steam. The implementation of these processes is carried out by using the maximum or minimum heating level. For example, the process of "quiet boiling" is used to cook side dishes and porridges. Soups require rapid boiling and a gradual decrease in temperature. To keep the dishes warm, optimal heating modes are used.
Modern cooking pots are equipped so that the user can quickly and with minimal effort to do any treatment of food products. This includes the procedures of mixing, sauteing, rubbing, whipping; boiling and cooking simple and complex dishes.

Why should you choose cooking pots by KAYMAN?

Among the variety of presented models of pot, we recommend you the devices from the Russian brand KAYMAN.

1 Cooking pots of KAYMAN are a universal device that will save your time and financial investments in equipment. They involve a large amount of cooking: first, second, third dishes.

2. The part of the cooking pot, which is in contact with food, is made of special austenitic stainless steel AISI 304 with thick 1.5 mm. It withstands acidic and salty environments, and is also easy to clean.
3. Three heating modes: low, medium, maximum. Thus, you can quickly warm up the porridge or cook vegetables in a few minutes. The heating time of the water in the working volume is from +20?C to +95?C.

4. The space between the inner and outer housings is partially filled with water and serves as a heating steam-water pocket that provides uniform heating of the boiler cooking pot. This allows you to avoid sticking food to the inner surface. Also, the temperature is kept for a long time, which means that a drink or soup will be served hot in a short time.

5. The cooking pot is installed on the floor and its height is easily regulated with the help of supports. There is a one tap for filling water into a steam-water pocket and a bowl of cooking pot.

6. Cooking pots of KAYMAN are equipped with electronic devices that facilitate the intensive use of equipment and allow you to effectively control the current temperature inside the pot. The temperature increases due to the pressure generated by the steam pocket. To monitor the pressure, an electric contact manometer is built into the device. It has recommended temperature values in order to reduce or increase the indicators in time. To protect against burnout, the cooking pot is equipped with a dry running sensor, which protects the heating elements from burnout.