We choose a stationary blender in the bar. Advices from Evgeny Saprykin which is ambassador of “Hamilton Beach”

It isn’t an easy task to choose a professional blender in the heart of the bar. How to get the optimal one of the terms of reliability and cost? Ambassador of “Hamilton Beach” Evgeny Saprykin will tell us about this, who shares an impressive experience (more than 10 years in the restaurant and hotel business) at their trainings on bar equipment.

Evgeny, your creative way has developed very rapidly and successfully, tell me, what attracted you to the bar theme?

In fact, everything happened spontaneously. When I was in my second year at the Institute of Civil Aviation, I needed to earn money. The easiest place to find a job was in the catering. So I took some courses for barman, and went to work in a restaurant. Then this part-time job began to attract me more and more and turned into a profession with a dream about my own bar. After working in the restaurant for 4 years, I went for a promotion by place of work, but for a demotion as a barman (the barman's assistant is the one who carries dishes, crushes juice and prepares the bar for work) to the most famous bar in Moscow Denis Simachev Shop&Bar. At the same time, I received an engineering degree, put it on the shelf and continued to work in a bar, moving towards my goal and dream. That's how it all happened. Such work attracted me with a constant opportunity to communicate with guests, creative activity in the blending of drinks. It's very exciting and just can't get bored! Now the creation of bar concepts has been added to cocktails, and this is an even more interesting and creative activity.

What criterions are important when choosing a stationary blender in a bar?

In fact, this is a very important point that you should pay attention, as well as to the entire selection of equipment. There are problems with the blender in some cases. The device may fail due to the amount of work when a household or technically weak blender is bought without taking into account the possible number of visitors and the need for it in the bar.

It also happens that the owner buys a super-technological blender in places where it isn’t required and enough, for example, the HBB250 Rio from “Hamilton Beach”. It works like clockwork for its intended purpose. The most important aspects are the following: what a blender is required for, what will be the amount of work, and what you will mix. The choice depends on it. Now there are blenders with a casing that make less noise, which doesn’t interfere with guests in the bar.

Which blender of “Hamilton” would you recommend for a high-traffic organization?

I recommend taking a closer look at 2 models. This is the HBH650 Tempest and HBH 750 Eclipse blender. The power and performance of both models are the same, but the Eclipse is less noisy because of the casing, and also has pre-installed programs and a dashboard with 5 program shortcut keys. This blender is popular in chain-projects, cinemas, in those organizations where staff turnover, and so that each drink is programmed to its own key As for Tempest, it’s a workhorse, has the simplest possible control, timer with auto-off and push-button control of programs “Pulse”, “Low”, “High”, “Jump”. Also, the sensor of the cup and engine overheating is installed on the front panel with a light indicator.

What are the features of the range of blenders High Perfomance from “Hamilton”?

The main features, of course, are technological. The engine power of the High-Perfomance range is 3 HP, reinforced knives and a metal-to-metal drive, which makes these models durable and productive. And only “Hamilton Beach” boasts a lifetime warranty for knives in a glass and a blender-based coupling, in addition to a 3-year warranty on the engine. And for the newest top motor “Indura” in the blender Quantum, the warranty is 7 years!!!

What mistakes most often occur when choosing a blender in a bar and how to avoid them?

The main mistake is to choose by price, not by technical characteristics. And this isn’t only with blenders. Therefore, the main thing is to know for what purposes you need a blender, how many drinks from the menu are prepared in it and the approximate loading, as well as what ingredients will be. Having answered all these questions, you will easily find the right model. Well, if you are not sure, you can always contact me or your sales manager.
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