Confectionery showcases of KAYMAN. Purpose and types

Confectionery showcases are commercial equipment designed for storing and displaying flour and sweet products (pastries, desserts, grillage, meringue, souffle, etc.). Sweets and pastries are almost the only product that is difficult to pass by children and adults. Especially when sweet products laid out by beautiful way, well lit and displayed in an attractive perspective. It’s important not only this, but also compliance with optimal storage conditions in order to preserve the freshness of confectionery products. Showcases are the main part of the trade space.
Thanks to the modern design of the showcases, you will be able to present your products beautifully. When choosing equipment, you should consider its capacity, temperature conditions and additional options.
We present to you stylish and compact confectionery showcases of KAYMAN.
With the help of them, excellent confectionery expositions are created and a range of products is demonstrated. Controlled temperature conditions and forced ventilation allow you to keep fresh pastries and desserts for a long time.

The models of this brand are divided into two forms:
Cubic - this form allows for maximum product placement and effective filling of the internal useful space.
Classic semicircular. The curved shape of the glass provides a convenient overview for the buyer. Thanks to the glass shelves, the lighting creates a uniform dispersion.
The showcase can be selected with two glazing options: glass (single glass) or double-glazed windows with improved thermal insulation (LUX).

Open-type equipment is provided for self-service (without protective glass on the buyer's side). In order to comply with the general concept of the design of the trading floor, the showcases are offered in various colors (exposure surfaces for silver, bronze, gold). The standard equipment includes shelves with LED illumination, sliding shutters on the side of the service personnel (for product placement) and a technical part of the equipment.

Showcases of Kayman will elegantly fit into the interiors of your trading floor: coffee shop, supermarket, or other catering places. Is your workspace very limited? Special mini-models from KAYMAN are notable for the fact that, with a length of 137 cm and a height of 87 cm, they are equipped with everything necessary for high-quality storage and beautiful presentation of pastries and desserts.