What are cooling and freezing tables for?

Freezing and cooling tables are universal-purpose equipment designed for catering organizations. It’s unique because the structure combines two functional zones on the principle of "two in one" - a work surface and a cabinet for cooling/storing food products. Depending on the specifics of the organization, the device can be installed in a step-by-step cooking process, in stationary complexes or separate boxes for treatment of products.

What you need to know about freezing and cooling tables.

The equipment is classified according to the following parameters: dimensions - medium and large size, construction - island and wall–mounted, type of cooling - medium and low temperature. The working temperature range affects the operating characteristics of the device:
Low-temperature (or freezing) tables maintain temperatures up to -18-20°C. The chamber is designed for long-term storage of meat and fish semi-finished products, ice cream, vegetable and fruit mixes/sauces.
Medium-temperature (or cooling) tables provide temperatures from -2 to + 8°C. They store or cool dishes that don’t require deep freezing or products for short-term stay in cool conditions.
The inner space of the chamber is filled with trays, shelves, grids and systems for installing gastronomic containers. All the contents are hidden behind blind swing doors equipped with locks and latches.
A worktop is placed above the cooling or freezing compartment, the surface of which is used for treatment of products (cutting, rolling, cleaning, beating, etc.).
The equipment provides everything you need for comfortable and practical operation – a removable modular storage system, electronic control panel, automatic defrosting and ease of maintenance.

Pay attention to cooling and freezing tables of KAYMAN.

Cooling and freezing tables of KAYMAN are an important auxiliary element in a professional kitchen: there is enough space inside the table to store food, and a durable worktop allows you to roll out, chop and cut semi-finished products. Thus, you get a comfortable work surface and save working space.

The stainless case of products from KAYMAN is successfully operated in the conditions of food production. A powerful cooling device stably maintains a low temperature for the required storage conditions.
Tables of KAYMAN have a dynamic cooling system. Its main advantage is the rare manual defrosting. Manufacturers advise to do this procedure no more than twice a year. Dynamic cooling occurs due to forced air circulation by help of a special fan. The cooled air flows sent by the fan easily penetrate into the most remote corners of the refrigerator chambers. Thanks to the fans, moisture settles in the form of frost on the evaporator, excluding condensation on the back wall.

In the assortment of freezing and cooling tables from KAYMAN, you can find different sizes and configurations of doors.