Proofing cabinets KAYMAN are spacious and optimal for the price!

Proofing cabinets is equipment for bakery and confectionery industries. The end use is the preparation of blanks and semi-finished products from yeast dough for baking. In the proofing process, the loaded product increases in volume, loosens, becomes airy. Due to this, the pastry turns out appetizing and lush.

The design of the proofing cabinet
The proofing equipment is an all-metal case made of stainless steel. Inside it there are heating elements and accessories for ease of operation (sectional shelves, baking trays, grates). The cabinet door is made of heat-resistant glass. Depending on the modification, the equipment can be single-leaf or two-door.
The proofing process is controlled by a control panel. After selecting the temperature mode, the operator loads the products into the cabinet. The temperature in the chamber increases gradually, creating comfortable conditions for fermentation. Moist air evenly distributed throughout the volume accelerates the heat transfer process. The product quickly rising and cracks don’t form on the surface during the increase in its volume. A tray with water, under the action of heating, evaporates moisture, thereby eliminating the risk of drying out the dough.

Why should you buy a proofing cabinet of KAYMAN?
Spacious chamber - depending on the volume of baked products, the user can choose a cabinet with a certain number of grates for baking trays (4, 6, When choosing, the size of the shelves should be taken into account.)
The temperature range is adjustable. It’s varies depending on the mass of the dough, its recipe composition and the type of yeast (pressed raw or in powders).
Durability - stainless steel (working case material) it’s resistant to corrosion, has high heat resistance; retains a presentable appearance.
Minimal heat loss is provided due to the large thickness of the glass door.
Large-sized floor-type cabinets are equipped with strong stable legs. In the space between them and the case, additional shelves can be placed for the installation of auxiliary devices. When choosing equipment, the following parameters are taken into account: the dimensions of the housing, the height between the baking trays, the heating time and the level of temperature conditions, the number of levels.

Proofing cabinets of KAYMAN guarantee a properly conducted dough proofing process, thanks to which you will receive browned bakery products of the correct form without voids and unbaked crust.