Juice coolers CAB: vertical mixing prevents the appearance of foam

A dispenser of cold drinks that allows you to produce and pour out fruit tea and juices without pulp, cold coffee.

The features of juice cooler LUKE.
Mixing the drinks with a vertical stirrer prevents the appearance of foam. Rectangular containers simplify disassembly and cleaning.

The limited size of the machine makes it suitable even for small spaces, with the ability to work in extreme conditions, while maintaining limited energy consumption. Electromechanical control makes the machine reliable at all temperatures. Available in a type with 2 or 3 containers of 6 liters each and in a type with 2 or 3 containers of 9 liters each. The containers are made of polycarbonate and have a rectangular form.

It has the ability to adjust the temperature of each individual containers.

Electromechanical control provides the reliability of the machine at all temperatures.

Innovative design provides the best air circulation in the category.

It is easy to use, clean and service.

The lowest power consumption in the category.

The possibility of aesthetic and constructive modification.

Juice coolers LUKE JUNIOR are represented by models LUKE MAJOR 2x9 liter and LUKE MAJOR 3x9 liter