In our stock, you can find complete solutions for your future bakery from “Apache Bakery Line”!

All the nuances should be thought out when you decide to open a small bakery. Everything is important: the entrance design, the interior and the assortment of pastry. It’s well known that cooking bread is the complicated process. It consists of several stages. In order to everything to be delicious, it needs the high skills of the staff and high quality equipment. Last one has an important role.
“Apache Bakery Line” will not only help you choose the equipment for each stage of production, but also design your bakery! To do this, the team has prepared end-to-end solutions. Special ready-made sets are waiting for you in the stock, appropriate for specific requests, the expected volume of products and the features of the room. The productivity of the offered machines is up to 350 kg per shift.
Cooking of the dough is one of the main stages. It includes dosing of components by recipe, kneading and fermentation. Appropriate devices carry out the dosing of raw materials. They measure and send the necessary amounts of water, flour and other components according to the recipe to the kneading machine.
DISPENSER-MIXER OF WATER DOX 25M has the following characteristics: maximum inlet temperature is 65°C, two digital displays show the quantity and temperature, the temperature is measured by a built-in sensor, dosing accuracy is ± 1%, a hose for supplying water to the bowl is included, the case is made from ABS plastic;
SPIRAL DOUGH MIXER V60 – container’s volume 80 liters, two optional electromechanical timers/electronic buttons with system “bypass selector”, two motors, two speeds, reverse of container.
The next stage is the cutting of the dough - dividing into pieces of a cooking mass, forming and final proofing of the dough pieces.
SEMI-AUTOMATIC DOUGH DIVIDER SPA SA30 - capacity 4 kg, 30 pieces of dough weighing 40-135g, 3600 pcs/h, containers and heads made of aluminum alloy, with hard anodizing, knives and gratings made of stainless steel 304, inner surface made of food grade polyethylene;
DOUGH ROLLING machine ASH500/1000 - floor, thickness of rolling 0.1-34 mm, diameter of roll is 60 mm, conveyor 488x1000mm, width of handle 120 mm, 1 speed, joystick;
BAGUETTE SHAPER MACHINE MBA/3C - three adjustable rollers, providing a high degree of accuracy, mass of dough 50-2000g, distance between cylinders 0-20mm, quick belt change without disassembly of the equipment, made of painted steel.
CABINET WITH INTERRUPTION OF PROOFING AR FLP60401P - for sheets 60x40 (19 pieces), operating temperature ranges from -5°C to +35°C, electric air heating, defrosting, condenser works up to 43°C ambient, inside rounded corners for better cleaning and maintenance, all made from stainless steel.
Baking is the most important stage. It’s very important to choose the most appropriate oven depending on the type of products and the desired performance.
ROTARY ELECTRIC OVEN B46E DP - for sheets 40x60cm, digital control panel, hook, reduced blowing speed, manual steam valve, visor with kitchen exhaust, comes in two modules, chamber and front panels made of stainless steel + CART FOR ROTARY OVENS OF RANGE B46 15 LEVELS AISI 430.
The cooling and storage of products is the last stage of the technological process.
DESKTOP MANUAL BREAD SLICER G42 - normal cutting width 420mm, blade pitch 11 mm, desktop model of equipment for general use with manual slicing mode + STAND BA420 FOR BREAD SLICERS OF RANGE G42.
For the cooking bread and confectionery products, we offer:
PLANETARY MIXER APL40 3F - bowl 40 liters, 1.5 kW, 380V, 35-150 (100-420) rpm, floor.
The entire range of mixers and dough rollers is also available.
We have presented a basic range of goods for a small bakery. There are special discounts on sets of equipment!
More detail information about the equipment you can find on the website https://bakeryline.apach.it/