New product from KAYMAN! Collapsible tray rack trolleys to save on equipment transportation

The KAYMAN brand brings to your attention new improved models of tray rack trolleys on 12 levels.
The design of the racks is completely collapsible; it is convenient to transport it at any distance. And the cost of delivery will differ significantly from the cost of delivery of the welded rack.
The stainless steel AISI 430 is used for the production, which is optimal in its characteristics. Thereby, the racks are resistant to chemical influences and high humidity.
Are you looking for storage equipment for a small production area? These narrow and tall racks have 12 levels and will fit perfectly into a small space and save up to 50% of your working space!
Convenient swivel wheels are comfortable to operate and resistant to maximum load.
The updated assortment range is represented by the following models:
Rack trolleys for trays. The ideal option for moving dishes into the washroom. Can be used in catering establishments: canteens, restaurants, etc.
Rack trolleys for baking sheets. They are suitable for catering establishments and bakery industries.
Rack trolleys for GN. Compatible with combi steamers with GN 1/1 containers.
Multipurpose rack trolleys. They are equipped with a reliable fixed stop that fixes the contents of the rack inside, preventing it from falling out. Compatible with GN 1/1 GN containers, suitable for trays.
Rack trolleys at the best price are available to order today!