Apach Bakery Line equipment range includes gas rotary ovens

The G series rotary ovens have been specially tested for heavy continuous baking cycles and designed for small and craft bakeries as well as industrial bakeries. Available for sheet sizes 400x600mm and 600x800mm.
Rotary ovens of the B series are an extremely compact solution for baking bread and pastry. They are fast and very easy to install due to their modular structure. Only for sheets 400x600mm.
Mini-rotary ovens of the C series are a complete solution, ideal for pastry shops and cafes-bakeries. They can be completed with a hearth and proving or a neutral stand with or without guides.
Available control panels:
- automatic, which includes up to 199 programs with 5/10 baking phases and a programmable steam removal valve;
- digital with 30 saved programs, LCD - screen and multifunctional switch for quick selection of various functions;
- electromechanical
Execution options:
- full disassembly (for models of the G series)
- 2 modules (for models of the B and G series for sheets of 400x600 mm)
- 3 modules (for G series models for 600x800 mm sheets)
- complete assembly
Italian quality at affordable prices!
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