Why are water softeners needed in your catering organization?

If you have to work with hard water in a restaurant, then, of course, you have to face a number of problems. In such a situation, there is a need to purchase a water softener, which allows you to make hard water softer, turning insoluble minerals in hard water into soluble ones.
The water softener is an important element on a professional kitchen, which uses ice generators, coffee machines, dishwashers and other equipment. This inexpensive accessory must be bought today, thanks to its advantages:

1. Increasing the service life of the equipment
If you have to work with hard tap water, then keep in mind that most devices are subject to corrosion and wear out faster and harder than you would expect. Heating elements are constantly in contact with water and form scale. Scale on the heating elements shortens the service life of the device and increases electricity consumption, increasing production costs. Therefore, it’s very important to use soft water for restaurant equipment. A water softener will be the right solution in this situation, because thanks to it, the equipment will work longer.

2. Improving the quality of drinks
Soft water is able to keep the original taste of the drinks. Hard water can increase the bitterness of coffee or tea.

3. Influence on cooking
Do you really want to serve your customers dishes that have lost their natural taste? Probably not. Most of the vegetables and fruits that you cook in your restaurants need to be washed thoroughly, providing a high level of hygiene. But if hard water is used to wash them, they may lose their taste or juiciness. Soft water helps to save the original taste of vegetables and fruits.

4. Clean and shiny dishes
The restaurant uses various glassware. So it’s necessary to maintain its impeccable cleanliness. The use of hard water for washing glassware can lead to the accumulation of calcium particles on its surface. At the same time, most customers may find such traces on the glass unacceptable, and as a result, these customers will leave. If you don't want something like this to happen, by all means buy a hard water softener.

5. Reducing the costs of detergents for washing dishes
Perhaps you spend a lot of detergents for washing dishes because of the excessive hardness of the water. The presence of minerals in such water makes it difficult to form foam, therefore, to ensure the cleanliness of dishes, it’s necessary to apply a large amount of detergents to it. The purchase of a water softener will help reduce their consumption and, consequently, save money.

All of the above makes it obvious that you need to buy a water softener to provide the uninterrupted working of your catering organization.