New product! Italian pasta machines of Gustotek at the exhibition PIR 2020

We are pleased to present the new Italian equipment GUSTOTEK, the work of which you can get acquainted with in the master classes at the exhibition PIR-EXPO 2020.
Simple and intuitive to use pasta machine, which hides innovative technologies, a flexible and fast solution that allows you to produce fresh pasta in the shortest possible time, satisfying a variety of requests for typology and dough kneading.
With a small set of actions, GT Line can automatically produce various types of pasta, such as fettuccine or spaghetti, fusilli or penne rigate, or with a special nozzle, produce thin lasagna dough, allowing two containers to be used for kneading different types of pasta, thereby avoiding mixing flavors and providing a safe dish for customers.

The quality of the materials is clearly visible and satisfies the highest quality standards. The machine body and the dough mixing tank are made of stainless steel AISI 304, ensuring maximum service life of the machine even in heavy conditions and facilitating cleaning operations.