New products from Martellato in warehouse! A chocolate melting machine and a lamp for working with caramel

A chocolate melting machine MC101 and a lamp for working with caramel LAMP01 from the Italian brand Martellato arrived at the warehouse.

The main function of the chocolate melting machine MC101 is to maintain a stable operating temperature of chocolate after tempering. The size of the bowl corresponds to the size of a standard one made of polycarbonate for sweets and tiles.
Well, and a few words about the lamp LAMP01: high-quality European equipment, which analogues on the market are difficult to meet. Allows you to maintain the caramel in an elastic state, ensuring its uniform heating over the entire surface. If necessary, the lamp can be supplemented with a protective screen, and for comfortable work, you can additionally order a pump, a thermometer and gloves to protect your hands.

In addition, popular plastic scrapers for bakers and confectioners, disposable and reusable pastry bags and silicone molds of the most used sizes are coming. You can get all the information from your manager.