The overview of the functionality of the pancake maker "Lakomka" from the company "ATESI

Premiere! Overview of the functionality of the pancake maker "Lakomka"! Let us prepare Russian blinis and American pancakes together with ATESI brand ambassador Alisher Khalilov and pastry chef Polina.
- High non-stick properties and resistance to mechanical damage of cast iron frying surfaces
- High quality and even toasting pancakes over the entire surface
- Protective glass protects the buyer from the cooking process
- Built-in holders for dough and fillings ensure ease of use and sanitization of the countertop
- Drawer provides additional work space for storing kitchen utensils
- The station can be additionally equipped with a lightbox (light panel) from the buyer's side
- Convenience and ease of hygienic treatment of all surfaces and units in contact with food during work.