Innovative thermo blender Taurus Mycook 1.8 - several devices in one!

My Cook 1.8 thermo blender is equipped with innovative cooking technology that combines the functions of several devices in one. With an exclusive induction system, the device can reach a maximum temperature of 120 degrees. And because of its 1800W power, this blender can generate 30% more power. It allows you to quickly execute several processes at the same time and create many recipes, regardless of their complexity.
How is it work?
It chops, mixes, whips, grinds products, including solid ones.
It kneads dough for bread, baked goods, pastries and pizza.
It quickly prepares many dishes: sauces, soups, mousses, desserts and more.
A light roasting program is possible.
A steam cooking is possible (with the purchase of a special nozzle).
It caramelizes vegetables. Low cooking speed allows you to smoothly adjust the speed of the knives and bring the temperature up to 120 degrees.
The set of the Taurus 1.8 My cook thermo blender includes:
2 blades made of high strength carbon stainless steel.
A flat beater for whipping or stirring food.
A removable high temperature resistant rubber scraper.
Why is it worth buying the Taurus My Cook 1.8 thermo blender today?
1. It saves you time and money.
This thermo blender will help you to flawlessly complete endless routine tasks: making sauces, doughs, mousses, melted chocolate and creams. It combines the functions of several devices.
2. Power and reliability for any professional task.
Such a device is indispensable for all catering establishments: from a restaurant with creative gastronomy to a small cafe, from a pub with high traffic to a small hotel.
3. Fast induction heating.
The electromagnetic principle of heating the Taurus thermo blender bowl ensures an even and instantaneous increase in temperature.
4. Convenient and understandable use without long training.
An intuitive and bright display with good visibility will allow the chef to quickly master the device without attending a cooking course.
Additional accessories are purchased separately:
Steam insert.
Basket with strainer (for preparing ingredients without chopping).