New product! Thermal covers for mobile trolleys of POLAIR are in stock soon!

Dear partners!
Today we present you a useful and universal tool for a professional kitchen - thermal covers.

Thermal covers are used for short-term maintenance of the temperature regime of freshly cooked bakery products, confectionery and other various ready meals, as well as for their protection from environmental influences when moving between workshops or during catering. The covers are used in bakeries, confectionery, catering, trade and food industries. They allow you to maintain the temperature of the product and keep it fresh longer.
Thermal covers can be used at temperatures from -40 ° C to +40 ° C, storage of products up to 6 hours with a temperature change of 0.3 ° per hour.
Thermal covers are widely used due to the possibility of proofing dough blanks without thermal baking equipment to slow down fermentation. Thanks to the inertial heat, which creates a natural steam-wetting, the temperature and humidity ideal for proofing the dough are maintained inside the cover, the freshness of the finished products is preserved longer and the gradual defrosting of semi-finished products is ensured.
Thermal covers are made of high-strength moisture- and air-tight materials that collect excess moisture on their surface and prevent the development of microorganisms. The design is a removable cover that is mounted on a mobile trolley and closes with a magnetic clasp. Due to the opening part, access to the contents of the trolley is possible without completely removing the cover from the entire trolley. The material is resistant to washing with a high-pressure device and disinfectants.