Updating the assortment of dishwashers DIHR from September 1

1. There are no GS 35 T and DS 35 T versions in the GS and DS series now.
2. The factory refused to produce Desinfection and UV Tech dishwashers. Instead of, there are dishwashers with cycles Hygiene + in the Electron 2 and Optima 2.
3 The HT model range was conditionally divided into 4 levels of performance (budget, medium, high, maximum), like the front-end dishwashers DIHR.
There are models with one wall (HT 11 ECO, HT 11 ECO T, HT 11 and HT 11 11 T), with two walls (HT 11 I and HT 11 I T) and more modified versions of HT Electron2 and HT Optima2, which have a thermal disinfection cycle Hygiene +. Pay attention to the model HT 11 T (the version with an electronic control panel and 4 programs), previously it was with two walls by default, and now you can choose the version with one wall HT 11 T and the version with two walls HT 11 I T.
4. In the series RX Compact, the factory has made some improvements that now allow saving water and electricity. In particular, the heating elements were replaced to ensure energy savings and the rinsing hoses were changed to save water.
5. The series RX Evo now has two models with single washing: RX 102 E and RX 142 E. They have productivity similar to the RX 104 and RX 144, respectively, but a single rinse and a lower price. The factory explained this by saying that they wanted to have dishwashers in the range similar in price to the series RX Compact, but with a large set of functions: insulated doors, a another nozzle system, less water consumption, baths made of steel AISI316 and a large set of options.
6. The series RX Pro has a new control panel similar to the QX Pro.
7. The RX Optima now has a choice, you can order a patented drying with an HDR heat exchanger or you can order a separate drying and heat exchanger.
8. The panels in the series RX Optima and QX Optima have become more convenient to use and accessible.
9. In the series LP, some models were renamed, the control panel was changed, a drain valve was added to the dishwashers LP2, LP3 and LP4, and the filter system was also improved.
10. HD models have appeared in the series VX. They are suitable for washing whole drawers, because there are long sections and a separate rinsing section is allocated.
11. And also the factory is gradually introducing to more modern black control panels, which can be seen in most dishwashers.