Start of production of tables with a lower unit POLAIR at an additional production site on the territory of the plant OAO POLUS Company.

Respectable partners!
We are pleased to inform you about the opening of an additional production site for the production of basic models of POLAIR refrigerated tables with a lower unit on the territory of one of the main plants of the POLAIR GROUP – OAO POLYUS.
Please note that POLAIR refrigeration tables manufactured at the POLUS production site are guaranteed by POLAIR Company for 3 years. For more information, please contact the managers.
The new production site will allow you to get tables with a lower unit:
· In a cubic design,
· Wide model range,
· High Quality,
· As soon as possible and at a special price.
The production time for POLAIR refrigerated tables at the additional production site will not exceed 3 weeks. Currently available refrigerated tables are medium temperature, two- and three-door, 700 mm deep, with fixed doors and with various types of drawers. Information on the main models, cost, features and characteristics of the tables is attached below to this letter.