The New option! Solution for remote monitoring of refrigeration equipment TM POLAIR!

Respectable partners!
We bring to your attention a unique solution for remote monitoring of refrigeration equipment TM POLAIR! This solution allows you to operate and control the operation of refrigeration equipment remotely from any place with an Internet connection!
To connect to the remote monitoring system, you must:
Order refrigeration equipment with a pre-installed network module or purchase a network module compatible with the electronic unit separately.
Connect a compatible network module to the electronic unit of refrigeration equipment.
Configure the connection between the module and the router via a wireless communication channel.
Register on a cloud storage platform.
Synchronize the created account with refrigeration equipment. Remote monitoring is possible from any device: a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone!
Connection to the cloud platform is absolutely free, no monthly fee! Also, in addition to WI-FI modules, modules with a Bluetooth communication channel are available. Operating and control is carried out within the range of the Bluetooth signal, by a smartphone or tablet using an application downloaded from Google Play or App Store.
You can get more detailed information about remote monitoring and control systems from your manager!