New product! Italian silicone cake-mold “Silikomart”

A special and refined design characterizes the cake-mold INTRECCIO. The pattern resembles intertwined, crossed and knotted strands, creating a delicate decoration that will make every sweet event special. Thanks to the special internal border in the cake-mold, your creations are obtained with a rounded form. INTRECCIO guarantees a perfect result not only for semifredo or mousse, but also for bakery.

There is no better way to show your love than a heart-shaped creation: BATTICUORE will be the perfect end to a special moment! The сake-mold has a special internal border. Thanks to this, your culinary masterpieces will turn out to have a slightly rounded form.

FRUIT is a new trend! A series of silicone molds with a 3D effect will help you create original juicy fruit creations. SEGRETO DEL BOSCO molds will help you make a variety of desserts in the form of blackberries or raspberries. The SEGRETO DEL BOSCO mold cavities of the range 3Design from “Silikomart” have a special internal border that gives a slightly rounded form of your culinary creations. The SEGRETO DEL BOSCO mold provides a perfect result not only for semifreddo, but also in baking.

The stunning beauty of the gemstone will shine on your table thanks to the GIOIA mold from “Silikomart”. Its multifaceted pattern, like a decoration, will conquer you at first sight. The mold has a revolutionary internal border that gives your creations a slightly rounded form.

The design of BOLLE mold will be a sparkling surprise, and you will be amazed by the many small bubbles of sweetness. Thanks to the revolutionary internal border in the BOLLE mold, your creations are obtained with a rounded form

The MOSAICO mold from the collection 3Design is inspired by art. Geometric patterns with a strong emotional impact on the mold, which can be used both for cake and for individual portions. Mosaico marks a meeting between classics and modernity for always different and original creations. Each MOSAICO mold has an internal border that gives a rounded form of your creations.

All molds are made of liquid silicone LSR. It provides high temperature resistance compared to metal molds. The molds don’t need to lubricate with oil. It operates in the temperature range from -60°C to + 230°C. The products don’t take up much storage space and are easy to clean in the dishwasher.