The new option for POLAIR refrigeration chambers - FoodProtect antibacterial coating!

POLAIR GROUP, following the introduction of the latest technologies, allows to improve the quality and performance of its products, began to use galvanized painted steel with an antibacterial coating, manufactured using FoodProtect technologies, for cladding panels of refrigerating chambers.

The antibacterial properties of the coating using the FoodProtect technology are due to the content in the paint used for painting steel, special antimicrobial components with silver ions, which, due to gradual release from the surface, prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and help eliminate unpleasant odors.

Refrigerators with an antibacterial coating using FoodProtect technology have been produced for more than a month. Starting from November 15, on the accompanying labels of the cameras and in the manual, notes will be made on the use of the specified coating, including the form of a special logo. Prices for cameras manufactured using FoodProtect technology remain unchanged.