The new built-in ramp for POLAIR refrigeration chambers

We continue to acquaint you with the new developments of the company exhibited at the PIR 2021 and HOST 2021 exhibitions. One of the novelties at the HOST 2021 exhibition was a refrigerating chamber with a built-in ramp. This solution is especially important when it is often necessary to roll food carts into the refrigerator compartment. In this case, there is no need to constantly attach and remove the retractable ramp, which greatly facilitates the work of staff and saves working time. A built-in ramp is a chamber floor panel that slopes towards the doorway. To prevent heat leakage, a double silicone seal is installed at the bottom of the door leaf.

The presented version of the ramp is intended for refrigerating chambers with a light opening of 900 and 1200 mm, operating at a temperature of -5 ... + 5 C °. We hope that this new ramp design will make the operation of POLAIR cold stores even more convenient and safe.