POLAIR offers solutions for Darkstore shops

The POLAIR brand is pleased to offer you ready-made solutions for the equipment of the Dark Store, which means shops without customers, online food retailers that use special halls - warehouses for this.
The Dark Store format has become widespread and continues to grow. The large volume of purchases of consumer goods has moved from off-line stores to on-line trade with home delivery of groceries. Well-known restrictions contributed to this, but also, they allowed customers to appreciate the convenience of purchasing products without leaving home. And if some time ago online shopping was a forced necessity, now for many of us it is already a lifestyle and a conscious choice.
We have developed solutions that will allow you to quickly select equipment for this new Retail format, taking into account all the features of each enterprise, including the area of the premises, the number of employees, the specifics of the assortment, the lead time for the order, the trade organization system, etc.
We are planning to develop the topic of equipment for on-line trade enterprises and will soon introduce you to new offers for both DarkStore shops and DarkKitchen restaurants, which have also become very popular in our country.