New folding ramp for POLAIR shock freezing chambers

Dear partners!

Thanks to your feedback, comments and constructive suggestions, the company's specialists are constantly working to improve and modernize products in order to improve their quality and consumer characteristics. So today we present a new version of the folding ramp for shock freezing chambers.

The ramp consists of two skids 220 mm wide, interconnected by fasteners, and is mounted in the light opening of the door unit of the chamber. The ramp can be easily folded down when the door is opened to roll up the trolley and raised when the chamber door is closed. In this case, there is no need to constantly attach and remove the retractable ramp, which greatly facilitates the work of personnel and saves working time. This version of the ramp can also be successfully used in refrigerating chambers with a universal door unit, when products are transported to the chamber on trolleys.

The folding ramp for shock freezing chambers is included in the package. For chambers with a universal doorway, this is an additional option that can be mounted in the chamber if necessary.
We hope that this new ramp design will make the operation of POLAIR cold chambers even more convenient and safe.