3 Reasons to Add a Dehydrator to Your Kitchen Arsenal

Creativity and Efficiency – these are two key factors to success in catering in a constantly changing and competitive business environment. A new idea for your menu can be an oasis in the world of culinary excess. Today we will introduce you to the technology of dehydration.
Approximately 4 to 10 percent of food purchased by restaurants is thrown away before reaching clients. Dehydration can help to prevent this!

Waste reduction is a key benefit of food dehydration.
By drying and saving food surplus for use in recipes or as healthy snacks to sell, you can use food that might otherwise be thrown away. You can safely buy dried products in bulk and not worry that half of them will go bad. In addition, some dried ingredients may sell for more. If your budget is limited, choose fresh products and dry them yourself. This can help you to save money in the long run!
Dried foods have a longer shelf life than fresh ones.

Fresh food that lies in the refrigerator beyond its shelf life is most likely to be thrown away. Fruits and vegetables approaching their expiration date may be dehydrated and stored for later use.

Seasonal products are stored without losing their useful properties.
Many restaurant owners have already discovered the benefits a dehydrator can offer in a professional kitchen. The dehydration process slowly removes water from foods. This extends the shelf life and saves most of the nutritional value. Drying foods helps to preserve the natural nutrients they contain. Because dehydrators simply remove moisture from food, they leave behind more beneficial vitamins and enzymes. Taste stays, and since chemical preservatives are not used, organic products do not lose vitamins and minerals. Kitchen waste is significantly reduced, which can have a significant impact on your earnings.
Without a doubt, the right decision for many food service businesses is to invest in a dedicated electric food dehydrator. These devices are designed for high quality product dehydration and efficient use of space. Almost all modern devices are compact, equipped with convenient digital control, easy to operate. The VEMA EC 2103/8 DEHYDRATOR is spacious and perfect for both home and professional use.

The timer will allow you to easily control the drying process. The fan on the back side horizontally evenly distributes warm air currents. The evaporation of moisture occurs evenly. The HURAKAN HKN-DHD10 DEHYDRATOR is in high demand. This model is designed for 10 levels and has a low noise level - only 42dB. These and other dehydrators are available for order on our website today!