Affiliate program RADAX! Two sets for half price!

We are announcing the start of our support program for our partners, within which you can equip demonstration sites with a RADAX heat equipment. Ready-made sets of equipment for your demo halls or kitchens for master classes are supplied with a 50% discount.
RADAX is a new brand on the market of professional heating equipment. A professional buyer should personally get acquainted with the equipment, check its quality and convenience before buying. That is why we offer all our partners and dealers to equip their exhibition spaces and kitchens for master classes with the most popular sets for bakeries, restaurants and small cafes.

Gastronomy set: a combi steamer TL07DY0 + a stand RS8677H8S
Bakery set: a combi steamer CC06DYC + a proving chamber PS812M
Cafe set: a convection oven GG43M0HX0 + a proving chamber PS68M

Sets of this equipment are supplied under a special offer with a 50% discount*.
Contacts of your showroom will be posted on the official website of the manufacturer RADAX - radaxovens.ru in the section "Where to buy". But that's not all! For program participants we offer an additional bonus - a 50% discount on one of the sets for forming a fleet of replacement equipment:

A combi steamer TL12DYC + a stand RS8677H7S
A combi steamer CC10DYC + a proving chamber PS812M
A convection oven GG43M0HX0 + a proving chamber PS68M*

*One set is supplied for installation in one showroom for a 6 months period. Check with your distributor for detailed program conditions.
Attention! This offer does not include logistics costs. Special-offer price is valid on self-pickup terms: The Mary-El Republic, Volzhsk, st. Prombaza build.1.