Nothing is lost: the service history of the iVario Pro

The new iVario from RATIONAL impresses with its wide range of application possibilities, ease of use and excellent results in professional kitchens all over the world. The new maintenance history recording system is appreciated by the service technicians. As in an electronic inspection sheet, you can record on the display when, by whom and which spare parts were replaced, thus making a complete documentation. It doesn't matter if another technician comes next time, he just needs to look into the service history and it will be clear what needs to be done. To prevent data corruption, each entry is automatically timestamped. No entries can be deleted.
Evgeniy Belousov, Director of Service at OOO RAСIONAL RUS, sees the advantage of the new system as follows: “It creates complete, secure documentation that ensures clarity and transparency in maintenance work. And, of course, in the right working language.” To be able to use the recording history, all you have to do is download the current free software to the device and view the history at every service visit. Apart from the iVario, the combi steamer iCombi Pro also has a maintenance history that works in the same way. This makes it easier for technicians to work with both series of equipment without additional training.