Table showcase for self-service AC59 SLIDER from CARBOMA

CARBOMA presents the new AC59 SLIDER table self-service showcase. A space-saving, movable showcase is a great solution for small cafes, bars with high traffic, when it is needed to reduce the workload of staff.
The showcase is made with doors-sliders on both sides - from the side of the buyer for self-service and from the side of the seller for easy loading of goods. The attractiveness of the layout is achieved through luminous light-emitting-diode lighting. The shelves with adjustable height and angle of inclination allow you to optimize the interior space. Excellent visibility is achieved through the use of structural glazing. Dynamic cooling of the internal volume of the showcase maintains a stable temperature even with temperature fluctuations in the external environment. Temperature control is carried out by a digital controller. Natural refrigerant coolant will reduce energy consumption.

The line is represented by refrigeration and neutral modules. Additionally, the showcase can be produced with a price tag tray for small pastries, a pasta tray and sandwich stands.