RADAX combi steamers for governmental tenderers are ready!

Combi steamers RADAX Tolstoy and Chekhov confirmed their Russian origin, on the basis of which an official conclusion of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation was issued. The document will allow obtaining support in tenders for the supply to budgetary organizations within the framework of 44-Federal Law according to government decree No. 616. All models of the RADAX trademark from the Tolstoy and Chekhov lines are included in the register of industrial products manufactured in the Russian Federation.

The Tolstoy gastronomic line can replace most of the necessary equipment in the kitchen: a stove, an oven, a convection oven, a double boiler and a deep fryer. Tolstoy ovens are designed for use in catering establishments: restaurants, canteens, cafes, as well as in supermarkets and culinary establishments where high quality food is required in the absence of qualified personnel.
The Chekhov bakery line is a combi steamer for making bakery and confectionery products. The equipment is intended for use in confectionery and bakeries, but thanks to its wide range of possibilities, it can be used in restaurants, bars, snack bars and supermarkets. The Chekhov oven can be supplemented with proving chambers for preparation of half-finished food. In the nearest future, the rest of the RADAX equipment will be included in the register. Update yourself with RADAX!