Our answer to the sanctions: how to make Italian pasta on your own?

In the current situation, many restaurants are forced to abandon a number of imported products. This concerns pasta from Italy. What alternative can be found?
One solution is to get a pasta machine and cook your own pasta. The benefits of this approach are obvious:

• the ability not to depend on the supply of ingredients from abroad;
• better cost control in the restaurant;
• expanding the menu with a variety of pasta dishes;
• the opportunity to offer guests a premium product.

GUSTOTEK is a professional pasta machine, a multi-purpose solution for restaurants, shops, factory kitchens and takeaways. A unique feature of GUSTOTEK is the system of removable tanks, which, firstly, allows you to wash equipment with high quality, and secondly, you can select the size of the tank depending on the expected production volume.

Other benefits of GUSTOTEK pasta machines are:
simple and easily understandable interface;
robust construction in AISI 304 stainless steel;
high production quality and innovative design;
compatible with standard matrices with a diameter of 63.5 mm;
knife with speed variator for the production of short pasta;
low noise level during operation;
possibility to choose a machine with 220V or 380V connection.
GUSTOTEK pasta machines are designed to turn the changing realities into new business opportunities.

GUSTOTEK makes pasta that is always with you!